Fermentation Characteristics, Chemical Composition, In Vitro Digestibility and In Sacco Rumen Degradability of Sugarcane Bagasse and Rice Husk Treated with three Strains of White Rot Fungi and Effective Microorganism

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Regasa Begna
Mengistu Urge
Tegene Negesse
Getechew Animut


A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of biological treatments of sugarcane bagasse (SCB) and rice husk (RH) with three strains of white-rot fungi (WRF) that include Pleurotus ostreatus (Po), Pleurotus florida (Pf) and Trichoderma viride (Tv) and effective microorganism (EM) on fermentation characteristics, chemical composition, and in sacco dry matter (DM) degradability. The experiment consisted of 2x5 factorial arrangements, two types of feed (SCB and RH) and five types of biological treatments (Control, Po, Pf, Tv, and EM). Sugarcane bagasse and rice husk were incubated with spawn fungi (10% w/w) and EM for 21 days, sensory evaluation were done and samples were dried in oven (60°C) in order to stop fungi growth. The pH of SCB (4.1±0.08) and RH (4.5±0.08) treated with EM fall within the range of acidity recommended for good quality silage. The pH value of SCB treated with Po (6.8±0.08) and Pf (6.6±0.08) was higher (P<0.01) than the other treatments, except the control (7.1±0.08). Treatment of RH with Tv, Po and Pf significantly increased the crude protein (CP) content from 7.9% in untreated to 10.46, 10.61 and 11.35% in the treated, respectively. The increase in CP% of sugarcane bagasse was from 2.61% to 3.41, 5.96, 5.89 and 5.95% for EM, Tv, Po and Pf treated treatments, respectively. All treatments significantly (P<0.001) decreased neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber with the lowest value recorded for Tv. The IVOMD, IVDMD, Metabolizable energy, in sacco DM disappearance in most incubation hours, washing loss and effective degradability of biological treated sugarcane bagasse and rice husk were significantly increased by EM and Tv treatment. In conclusion, the study indicates that treatment of RH with Trichoderma viride and SCB with EM is more effective in improving their nutritive value.


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